Some Bunny Loves You

“The best kids show I’ve seen in five years.”
-David Silver (Stage Director for the Kids Zone / Kispiox Valley Music Festival)


60 min. Kids / General Audience

“…the highlight of my son’s year.” -Tanya Rowe, mother of 3

“One of the best shows I have seen.” -Melissa Friend (Elementary School Teacher)

“remarkable…entertaining for 60 kids!” -Mrs. Howe (Elementary School Teacher)

“A huge hit…unique and intimate.” -Andrea Mueller (Event Coordinator)

“The kids were so happy! So much laughter!” -Lindsay Debou (Whistler, BC)

“…the children will love the show.” -Julia Gilbert (Mother / Event Organizer)


Join British puppet Chyld Saint Thomas as he takes you on a delightful journey to the peculiar world of Carpenter Glen. Watch as he’s rudely interrupted (on several distinct occasions) by an authentically Russian bunny rabbit! Be amazed at your own telekinetic powers as you help Gerald the bunny levitate on a giant piece of toast! Relax and allow your tootsies to be tickled by the Bunnwardian Epic, “The Legend of Chester & the Pink Moustache.”


Complete with a whale submarine, oversized raspberry and freestyle bunny rap (“hip hop”!), this show has something for everyone (even grumpy uncles). Attend the show or not, the fact of the matter is that some bunny loves you…aren’t you curious to find out which one? I dare you to hop to it and make an alarming discovery!

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