Solo Acts

Solo Acts

Several members of the Honey Tongues also perform solo acts:


Betty Supple

Betty grew up in F’realtown Ontario, which means she is required, by blood, to keep it as real as she can.

Her tastes were molded at an early age by the sincere sentimentality of bluegrass
and folk music. Since then she’s thrown in some beat boxing underneath the chuckin’ mandolin and slowed down the whole situation.
She plays piano chords and holds them long enough to deliver a melodic, wealthy, depth of truthful experience.

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Kid Tiger

‘Kid Tiger’ is the solo music project of The Honey Tongues’ Aubrey Burke.

With songs about death, 18 wheelers and dressing in drag, Kid Tiger’s “Freak Folk” is delivered with sincerity and raw theatrics.

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Logan Thackray

Logan is a folk rock indie artist from the lonely mountain town of Canmore Alberta.

She is rumored to have spent some of her early years living in a pack of wolves that roamed the snow-capped peaks that circle Canmore.  There she learned animalistic harmonies and choruses that chill the human spine and rouse a spirit of the wild.

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Marley Daemon

Jazz and classical-trained, Daemon brings both high artistry and a passionate sensibility to her soul-filled singing and performances on piano and guitar.

Daemon’s songs combine strikingly honest lyrics with heart wrenching melodies and intricate rhythms, ranging in style from ethereal-rock and tribal-pop to orchestral-pop and downtempo.

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Solo acts can be included in our Festival Package Deals